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February 24, 2020

Stop searching for signals, fund management gurus and robots unless you want to lose more money.

You chose forex to be your own boss, why do you insist on being a follower?

If 90% of traders lose money, then to be profitable, you should stay away from the crowd and trade differently.

The only way to make money, in forex or trading in general, is to trade by yourself and to be in full control of your account by following a well-defined objective trading plan / strategy.

Do you ever feel yourself second-guessing your trend lines and patterns?

If you give two traders the same chart, and ask them to each plot a line – you will probably see two very different results.

This subjective viewpoint can negatively affect decision-making because it’s based on feelings and opinions rather than preplanned strategies.

To be profitable, a trader must trade and think like a robot; Leave emotions and subjectivity at the door and execute a strict set of rules.

That’s exactly why we created RichTL indicator; to help traders make Objective Technical Analysis.

If you are serious about taking your trading to the next level, I will see you in our Community soon 👇

RichTL Premium Package includes One Year Access to:

1- RichTL helps traders draw Trendlines and Patterns, Support and Resistance, Supply and Demand, Range Breakout and many more objectively by pointing out the swings to connect. (value 300$)

2- A to Z Forex Course 10 PDF Lectures and videos covering everything you need to know to get started (value 200$)

3- RichTL Book 130 pages including customized strategies, tricks and trading style.

4- Premium Group where you can ask questions on the go and discuss trade setups with me and other students. (value 50$ / Month)

5- Premium Channel where I post my weekly market overview and setups for you to learn the practical way. (value 50$ / Month)

GET IT ALL NOW FOR 300$ / YEAR instead of 600$

Pay using your Credit/Debit Card (Paypal and Bitcoin Available upon request)

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