Draw trendlines
by simply connecting the dots




  • Do you ever feel yourself second-guessing your trendlines and patterns?
  • If you give two traders the same chart, and ask them to each plot a line – you will probably see two very different results.
  • This subjective viewpoint can negatively affect decision-making because it’s based on feelings and opinions rather than preplanned strategies.



  • To be profitable, a trader must trade and think like a robot.
  • Leave emotions and subjectivity at the door and execute a strict set of rules laid out in the trading plan.
  • That is exactly why we created RichTL to help traders draw trendlines objectively by pointing out the swings to connect. Thus, Focus on the Trade and Risk Management.

Easy to use

All you need to do is to connect the dots - Literally


RichTL can be used on Any Timeframe and any Pair / Asset


RichTL DOES NOT Repaint, Lag or Disappear!


Our Customized Indicator can’t be found anywhere on the internet.

Here are some trade examples

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Keep Analyzing and Updating charts with RichTL on the go on all Financial Instruments like Forex, CFDs, Stocks, and Crypto.



  • Access to our Discussion Room where Traders can:
  • Ask questions and Seek Guidance
  • Post their Charts for Review
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  • Benefiting from Our Weekly Analysis and Setups:
  • Using our Risk and Trade Management style
  • Where traders learn the practical way
  • For traders to earn while learning

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RichTL can also be used in many ways

Range Breakout

RichTL BOMB strategy that helps traders spot and trade ranges and consolidations objectively.

Market Structure

RichTL helps you objectively identify if the market is trending or consolidating, gaining momentum or losing strength.

Results of RichTL

If all trades were taken, with 1% risk per trade​

How it works

Feel Free to Surf our Youtube Channel to get an idea about how RichTL works


Students Who Purchased RichTL

Our subscribers say

Thank you Rich for the continuous support. I am so surprised how you are taking care of us by answering all our questions clearly and patiently. Thanks to you, now I am trading with confidence, objectively and let my trades run no matter what happens because I trust the tools and strategies you taught us.
I like how the admin interacts with the members, how he shares his thoughts and his continuous guidance. In addition to his simple analysis for the trades.
Thank you Rich for the one of a kind support! RichTL indicator is so helpful, literally took my trading to the next level. Now i can easily draw good trendlines and patterns... all the best for you
What I can tell you about Rich is that he is the most honest person and trader that I have met. He is well versed with trading and is very very passionate about his trading.If you truly seeking to learn and educate yourself about the markets Rich is a true gem. If you do have the good fortune of being mentored and taught by Rich it possibly would be the best investment you made in your trading journey.I have viewed the product and material he has published and so kindly sharing with all I can safely say if you follow and observe strictly what Rich teaches I am confident you will be able to confront trading this monster market equipped with the correct knowledge, tools and confidence which is essential when trading these markets. Honest transparent and absolutely kind yet straightforward.
South Africa
With Rich, you can be rest assured that you get more than what value you hope for! I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given to me. I will forever appreciate and be thankful sir.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, for beginner and advanced traders equally because RichTL:

  • helps analyzing the chart for beginners
  • helps making decisions more quickly
  • decreases the possibility of mistakes
  • removes the subjectivity from your trading

Trend Lines are an important tool in technical analysis for both trend identification and confirmation. Each and every market day, millions of these lines are drawn by multitudes of traders and investors seeking insight into the market’s direction. 

After the purchase, you will get:
1) Lifetime RichTL Indicator License.
2) RichTL Manuals, Strategies and Tricks.
3) 24/7 Support while you are practicing.
4) Access to our Discussion Room where you can Ask Questions while practicing and Discuss Trade Setups with other Traders.  
5) Access to our Premium Channel where we Share our Personal Weekly Setups & Analysis using RichTL (as we believe in Practical Leaning, not only Theories)

Yes, absolutely. Originally we developed RichTL for ourselves in 2016. RichTL helped us spot and trade objective trendlines, patterns, supply/demand zones and explosive ranges. This year, and due to the popular demand, we’ve decided to let traders benefit from RichTL for an affordable price.

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