“RichTL can be used to:”

Draw Trendlines

as simple as 123 => Draw Trendlines by Connecting at least three dots.

Identify Market Structure

RichTL helps you identify if the market is trending or consolidating, gaining momentum or losing strength.

Spot Patterns

Like Symmetrical Triangles, Wedge Patterns, Head and Shoulders, Double Top / Bottom.

Locate Rejection Zones

RichTL helps you locate key rejection zones on higher timeframes to know where you stand in the market

Easy to use

All you need to do is to connect the dots - Literally!


RichTL can be used on any Timeframe and any Pair / Asset


RichTL DOES NOT Repaint, Recalculate or Disappear!


Our Proprietary Indicator can’t be found anywhere on the internet.

“RichTL works on MT4, MT5 and tradingview”

With the Tradingview Mobile/Tablet application, RichTL can be used on any device.

Keep Updating your charts with RichTL on the go on all Financial Instruments like Currencies, Indices, Stocks, and Crypto.


premium groups

-lifetime access-

Private Community Access

Every member receives access to our premium chatroom / community. (Desktop / Mobile)

  • “24/7 live chatroom”
  • Interact with us and other students
  • Post your trades for review
  • Ask questions, and seek guidance

Weekly Trade Setups

We share our personal setups every week, for you to learn the practical way via live examples. 

  • "See what we trade! Never miss a trade"
  • Profit while you are learning
  • Train your eye to see what we see
  • Develop a real time understanding


you will also get


Video Courses

"9 lectures / 20 hours" & "2 Cheat Sheets" to Learn all the Aspects needed to become a Successful and Independent Trader.

Risk Management approach

Advanced techniques on how to manage your portfolio, increase your win rate, and have an edge over the market.

RichTL Customized Strategies

Get immediate access to 5 powerful RichTL customized patterns. (like RichBomb, TTU, 4FIRE, BAL and BEL)

Complete Trading Plan

Detailed plan with clear Entry, Stop loss and Take profit. And our step-by-step weekly routine on how to plan & manage your trades.



  • RichTL Indicator
  • Full Course
  • Unique Strategies
  • Premium ChatRoom
  • Rich Weekly Analysis
  • Lifetime Support


for the value of $1200

“RichTL track record”

“real students, real results!”

After struggling with Forex trading for the last 3 yrs and basically about to give up, I stumbled upon RichTL in YouTube. You will never find anything that simple, straightforward and effective such as RichTL.
Kevin Oh
With Rich, you can be rest assured that you get more than what value you hope for! I am so grateful for the opportunity you have given to me. I will forever appreciate and be thankful sir.
Schul Bouy
Thank you Rich for the one of a kind support! RichTL indicator is so helpful, literally took my trading to the next level. Now i can easily draw good trendlines and patterns... all the best for you
Andreas Hadjipavlis


-As Featured In-

Richard Nasr is a full-time Trader, Coach and Founder of RichTL and theSignalyst.

He is a TOP author on TradingView platform, featured on Influencive as one of the TOP 10 Forex Mentors in 2021, and on many websites like Yahoo!, Market Watch, and Digital Journal.

Richard is also Kucoin’s Chief Technical Analyst and Gold Card Holder #370 and have won OKX and TradingLive contests.

In addition, he has been hosted in a live streaming trading challenge with the Trading-Nut where he still ranks First.

Richard has developed RichTL, which is the first and only indicator of its kind to help traders make Objective Technical Analysis.

His simple and rule-based approach, dedicated spirit, and proven track record allowed him to coach 650+ traders from 32 different countries.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, for beginner and advanced traders equally because RichTL:

  • helps analyzing the chart for beginners
  • helps making decisions more quickly
  • decreases the possibility of mistakes
  • removes the subjectivity from your trading

Yes, you can trade on any instrument, time frame or environment with our strategies, part-time or full time.

You do not have to be there at a specific time per day to trade our strategies.

Unfortunately, we do not offer trial. Because RichTL is not just an
indicator, but a complete trading style and community access.

When you purchase RichTL you will get a full course, and a 150 pages
Booklet that includes how RichTL works and our customized strategies.

Moreover, you get access to two premium groups:

1- Premium Chatroom where you can ask questions and discuss trade setups with me and other traders and

2- Access to my personal weekly analysis
(twice per week) and setups every weekend for you
to learn the practical way.

So you will not treasure the power of RichTL if you don’t get access to
all of the above.

And of course, we can’t grant you access to all of that, as a trial, or
for only 1 month.

We are a coaching community, not a signal provider. (and I suggest that you stop searching for signals, unless you want to lose more money)

We want you to become an independent trader, not a follower.

So when you join our community, you will get a full course, RichTL, tools, strategies and everything you need to be able to trade by yourself confidently, be your own boss, and in full control of yours account.

You will also get access to a chatroom where you can ask questions and post your trade setups for review while learning.

Moreover, you will get access to my personal weekly overview and setups twice per week (Pictures overview on Fridays, and Live video overview on Wednesdays)

However, in these weekly overviews, you will not get direct alerts to buy or sell, these setups are for you to learn in a practical way by watching comparing your analysis to mine and ask questions about it when needed.

Sure, when you join purchase RichTL, you will also get access to our community where you will get a full course from A to Z.

We start from the core models of price action context and work our way up from there to the advanced strategies in an intuitive easy to learn environment.

Yes. RichTL is nothing but way to make Technical Analysis in a rule-based manner.

So you can apply the same trading style on any instrument.

After the purchase, you will get:
1) Lifetime RichTL Indicator License.

2) Full course from A to Z

3) RichTL Manuals, Strategies and Tricks.

4) Direct Support from Rich; Always!

5) Access to our ChatRoom where you can Ask Questions while practicing and Discuss Trade Setups with other Traders.  

6) Access to our Premium Channel where we Share our Personal Weekly Setups (twice per week) for you to learn in a practical way through weekly live examples.

Yes, absolutely. Originally we developed RichTL for ourselves in 2016. RichTL helped us spot and trade objective trendlines, patterns, supply/demand zones and explosive ranges. In 2018 and due to the popular demand, we’ve decided to let traders benefit from RichTL for an affordable price.

If you still have any questions, feel free to Contact Us

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